Saturday, June 16, 2012

Diving deep with the Toa

2007 was a fantastic year in the Bionicle legend. We got to go underwater for an entire year and for the second half of the story I directed the trailer teasing the adventure of the Toa Mahri as they chased the Mask Of Life. "Face Me" was specially composed by (what later would be known as) Cryoshell to support the story of the Toa Mahri.


  1. Hello Faber you very inspired me about Bionicle since i was 6 years old. I very want you and the all of Bionicle fan. I want to a tv show base on Bionicle with the Inkia and human teaming up to save both world. Like an oblivion. If you want to support me go to Maybe i can show you the human drawing. Don't worry i'm not killing the story.
    Victor. N

  2. You DIRECTED that trailer??

    That was one of the trailers that pulled me into BIONICLE, you are awesome.^^

    But I've always wondered why Hahli sounds like a male...

  3. Great to hear!
    Hahli's strange voice must have something to do with the breathing equipment:)

  4. I simply LOVED this trailer. i loved how it felt like it was telling part of the story all in of itself. Plus i thought Matoro's line at the end was so cool. in hindsight, i think it would have been interesting to see the entire storyline told in this way