Sunday, January 14, 2018

Classic Cryoshell like never before

Dear Cryoshell supporters, both the loyal fans from back in 2006 when the whole thing started and hopefully a growing number of new followers that will discover the band for the first time now.
We are extremely happy to finally start bringing out something new and this single is a very special song that has it's own history.
10 years ago "Gravity Hurts" was heard for the first time. Now a decade later "tension is rising" and this is the first time Christine has recorded the tune. The orchestration is a dream come true. To have a full Symphonic orchestra perform this tune truly shows off the filmic qualities of Cryoshell's music. A great collaboration between Budapest Art Orchestra, Mikkel Maltha and Peter Due arranging and Jacob Hansen mixing and off cause Christine on this demanding and emotional vocal.
We think this is the perfect way to kick off the next phase of Cryoshell. The sound of the band is evolving but the epic themes and big emotions are intact. You will soon hear more examples of what Cryoshell sound like in 2018 and both electronic and acoustic sounds will blend into the next album, "Next to Machines". The plan is to release a full album some time this spring and even issue a limited vinyl edition. Cryoshell merchandise is also on the drawing board and you will be the first to know when and how to get closer to the truth and to the band.
We are reissuing all the old Cryoshell material and this time on our own label. All material will be available on all digital platforms in the future. This is a new beginning and if you measure the warmup period we are more than ready for action. We are a independent company and all efforts are self financed so every download and play counts. Thanks for your support.
We can't wait to bring you the next single and hopefully it will launch within weeks. Something will also hit Youtube in a short while so as we have said many times "stay tuned"


  1. I'm really excited to hear! I've bought the new version of Gravity Hurts (twice) & I can't wait for more Cryoshell, both remixed classics and new songs.

  2. I am too used to hearing this one with Niels' vocals, but I am excited to hear what Christine can do with it. I did not think Tine Midtgaard's version really caught the same energy or tone as Niels' Brinck though.

    Still, can't wait to hear my favorite female vocalist tackle this tune!

  3. I especially can't wait to hear the orchestral music!

    By the way, have you guys ever thought of making a collaboration between Cryoshell and Nephew. There exists a orchestral version of Igen og Igen og, and it isn't all that bad.

  4. Exiting! I'm curious to see what Cryoshell has been up to!

  5. I almost didn't see the fibonacci spiral in the poster..... oh and i'm really happy to see cryoshell again

  6. The track has been posted several places on YouTube now. Can we get an official post about it with a link? :D

  7. I have added this song with my Apple Music subscription, but that line about you being independent and self-financed spurred me to drop a dollar twenty-nine on the single on iTunes just to support you guys. Thanks for being my favorite band since 2007.

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