Monday, March 17, 2014

The Bohrok hatch in 2002

When the Toa ventured into the underground caves they soon met a totally alien life form but for some reason they seemed familiar. They turned out to be part of the same family tree.
The Bohrok resembled beetles or scarabs and they had the ability to change shape from a round protective shape that could roll to an unfolded shape with arms and legs.
They were hibernating in their tubes in huge numbers ready for the day when they would awaken to clean the dirt and debris of the giant robot Mata Nui.


  1. I love these CGI key visuals that we got in 2002. It was fantastic seeing them in the instruction booklets for that year's sets. The ones featured in the larger sets, featuring the descent into the hive, the battle with the Bahrag, and the transformation of the Toa into Toa Nuva were fantastic at conveying the mysterious magic of that whole story arc. Like a comic without words!

    I also really liked the Bohrok key visuals, of course. The one with Kopaka carrying his Krana collection on a rope is one that sticks out in my memory. I also remember the image of a Tahnok bursting out of its hive cell from the back of one of the comics. And a friend of mine had a giant poster framed in his room with the picture of the Tahnok swarm from this blog post!

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