Monday, January 14, 2013

The Ignition poem

To amp up the epic journey that the Toa set out on in 2006 to save the future of Mata Nui I tried to create a poem that held the coming 3 years of action in a few lines. Not giving away the plot but predicting the events that had to take place for the Toa to succeed. Below you see the lines and their translation.
Evil knows, that hope is afloat.
In translation: The Piraka knows that the MOL is on Voya Nui.

Where life is enslaved, all can be saved.
In translation: MOL and the Matoran are enslaved by the Piraka but the mask can change all that.

Light will unite, what now darkness divides.
In translation: The mask will show the way to the captured Matoran in the pit of Mahri Nui
Spark the flame of the heart, for the future to start.
In translation: Matoro wearing the Mask of life would dive into the core to restart the heart of Mata Nui.


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