Sunday, November 18, 2012

Cryoshell Breakout coverart


  1. Very nice work! I was pleasantly surprised to see the Hero Factory logo incorporated in this way-- past Cryoshell cover art has never really incorporated imagery specific to the brand the songs were written to promote, and all though I can see the advantages of that (letting the band establish a unique brand identity), it's also always nice to acknowledge the origins of a piece of music.

    Can't wait to add this song to my iPod! I don't currently have any of the Cryoshell songs on my iPod other than those available as free downloads on, but I've been looking forward to changing that and this will give me an excuse to do so.

  2. I'm really, relly happy to see this (as well as the Gravity Hurts rerecording, which has been requested so much). 2 years ago I bought the first CD release of CryoShell (Has to buy it from the only Store that seemed to sell it internationally :P), and, well, I couldn't wait for another work from them.

    So yes, really looking forward for more news on this: Release dates, formats, stores and, of course, samples :P

    Thanks for all the news Mr. Faber :)