Saturday, September 1, 2012

The Piraka Revolution

Back in 2006 the story of Bionicle took a mayor shift. We needed some fresh adventure so the Toa were sent on the Ignition trilogy to ignite the legend.
We also needed to refresh the campaign and the look and feel. The Piraka were cast as “the gang on the loose” and the style was urban and graffiti inspired. To really make a change we set the scene in a strange surreal stronghold that was quite modern with clear references to human technology but with a twist. This was steam punk meets Bionicle and the Piraka had their own rodeo bull, an industrial robot for getting dressed and a sliding gun rag. A beat up sofa and TV set and small tech creatures running around including a fly and a camera. Here you see some of the first sketches and 3D models of the Piraka location.

I directed the music video style commercial about the gang of Piraka in their hangout and we even did a Piraka rap to take the campaign totally out of the epic story mode and into the street. Some loved it and some hated it but it defenitely was something different.

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